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Frequently Asked Questions

What is MC Tools?

MC Tools is a website that lets you discover Bedrock Servers and Java Players with customization.

I need help with my Minecraft account!

We do not offer help or support for your Microsoft account. Contact Microsoft directly as we are not affiliated with the developers of Minecraft.

What is a UUID?

This is a Universally Unique Identifier and it never changes. Every Minecraft Java account has a different UUID and it gives Minecraft servers a better way to track players and ensure bans, ranks etc. remain with the player even after changing their name.

Why can't I lookup Java Servers?

This is a commonly asked question. We decided to not support Java Servers because they often break (API changes) and have several issues during MC Tools' development, therefore only the Bedrock Servers are supported.

Can I edit my profile?

Yes! First login with your Xbox Live account and go to the Edit Profile page. The changes will not be live until you link your Java Edition account to MC Tools.

Why use Xbox Live instead of Mojang/Minecraft for authentication?

This is because Microsoft Accounts are more secure and include the ability to setup Two-Factor Authentication and additional security features. If we were to use Mojang/Minecraft authentication (Emails, Passwords etc.), it is insecure and can lead to compromised accounts. We recommend that you migrate your Mojang Account to Microsoft and never to give your password or sensitive information to anyone.

Are Bedrock Player lookups (Xbox Live) supported?

No, only Java Edition players can be looked up. If you want to view Bedrock Player information, you must use the Xbox app. If you would like your Xbox Live account information to display on your Java Edition profile, you can link your Java Edition account to your Xbox Live account on MC Tools.